Scripts are fully OpenSource. All client/server files can be downloaded and modified.
You can also run the server files on your own server. Make sure you are able to use SSL.

This website and server scripts are actually running on
The server is located in germany and hosted by


What is it?

Welcome! This script adds a widget box to the Diablo 3 profiles and loads the current data from if available. The script also sends a POST request for updating the profile on DiabloProgress automatically.

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You can browse easily through Diablo 3 profiles watching elemental damage, elite damage and more.

Important note: The script is NOT accessing any game data or reading the game's memory. The script only fetches data from DiabloProgress or from the Diablo 3 Homepage itself. The remote scripts are running on a german server. The script is open source and can also be run on your own server/webspace if it supports https.


Easy to install, simple to use

1) Install: Greasemonkey for Firefox | Tampermonkey for Chrome | Violent monkey for Opera
2) Activate the installed plugin on your browser
3) Add the Userscript


All options for setup and customization

This settings (variables) can be easily adjusted to change the look of the profiles. Also it's a short description about important variables.

root Describes the current root url for server-side scripts.
Please don't change this or the script won't work anymore.
You can also use the PHP files in the source code files to run it on your own server.
version v1.9 The local script version to compare with the version stored on the server. If they don't match and there's a new version it will be shown by a small icon.
versionURL Is delivering the current version and updateURL of the script.
versionCheck true|false Enables or disables the version check.
true enabled
false disabled
url decodeURI(location.href); The decodeURI() function is used to decode a URI.
colorMode true|false Let's you switch between coloured or regular text.
true coloured text
false regular text
opacity 0-100 Let's you change the opacity of the D3 Progress window.
max 100
min 0 (invisible)
customDesign true|false Switches between clasic layout and custom design.
true new design
false clasic design
bonusStats true|false Switches between bonus stats visible or invisible.
true visible
false invisible
circleView [BETA] true|false Switches between text and graphical display. Only works if "customDesign" is set to "true". Circles currently don't support filtering stats.
true graphical display
false text display

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